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artbyamarelis: Hey just wondering where your chain from your last selfie set was from?

penney’s, aka primark. i think it was like 2 euro or something

miss-zarves: "hey, maybe you should challenge your belonging to an identity or the existence of the identity itself and whether you are inadvertently oppressing a more marginalized group by creating a place for yourself here when there may not be room, or when space is limited so while your presence is not wholly unwelcome it is perhaps questionable, idk, consider it" =/= identity policing, gatekeeping, deciding who belongs or who doesn't. nuance? what is that??


on this day 11 years ago, i was playing the part of veronica AND mary magdalene in our school’s stations of the cross. basically this was my eighth grade music teacher subtly calling me a gigantic whore.

purplepansy: aww I think tumblr ate my ask. oh well. the gist of it was: "wow, what the actual frick, your face is perfect. srsly." After I looked around your blog some more, I realized that you're not just a handsome face (I know how you like being called handsome, and I mean it too, like, dang, you're really handsome, seriously) (where was I going with this) (ah right) you're a really great person too. Your face is not the only thing that's perfect dude, your whole existence is perf. js.

i toast my knockoff brand malibu to this message

Anonymous: Maybe it's because genderfluid or genderqueer people have a right to identify within the trans definition and you really don't have a right to make that call for anyone but yourself.

i didn’t say all genderqueer or genderfluid people can’t be trans. i’m saying that as an afab genderqueer person, i don’t know that i feel comfortable identifying as trans (and definitely not as trans*) because i think that it’s complicated for someone of my particular gender narrative and experience to take that on as a POLITICIZED identity. you have a right to identify as whatever you want, i would never say otherwise. but it is inherently complicated as an afab genderqueer person of the gender narrative i’m speaking to to take on the identity of trans as a political identity and also to occupy that space. here is a fantastic set of words on all of these things that i think is true as fuck and that you should read if you’d like:


when people say they find benedict cumberbatch attractive

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