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ugh you know what

that comment got me fired up and pissed off but it’s about time

i’m going to be brutally honest for a hot second and share an image with you that i can hardly look at without shaking but i’m sick of thinking about this and dealing with this kind of shit from people so here it is

do you want to know who this tumblr is for

it’s for this kid right here

it’s for this kid who starved their body and hurt their body and was told they’d never looked better, who was told when they weighed 112 fucking pounds that they looked “really hot all of a sudden” and was suddenly desired at the one point in their life when desire was like a hot fucking poker in their side

who hated everything about their body, including its queerness and the way gender never felt right and all the scarred parts and the lonely parts and the sore parts

who thought that the rape was their fault, who blamed their own actions for a long, long time

my journey to loving my body and my mind and all the ways i express those things is my journey, and it does not require your judgment or your commentary

sometimes i talk about personal things, and i’m so so so glad that those of you reading react well and find something to take away from those personal things

i want to share my journey with you because i know there are others who are on that same journey and because i know that sharing is powerful

but for those of you who are here to critique, to judge, to objectify, to question, to insult, to belittle, to bully

you can get the fuck out because i did not battle my way back to life in order to put up with shits like you

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