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drunk boys think i’m a boy too

but then

drunk boys realize i’m not a boy by their standards

drunk boys try to pick up my girlfriend

drunk boys question how anyone could ever be in a relationship with me

drunk boys think i’m a joke, a fake boy, a lesbo, something weird, something not right, something that will never satisfy her, something wrong, something to laugh about later

this is what i think:

drunk boys can go play in a fire

i’ll set the fire myself

my pocket’s full of matches for drunk boys

you would have burned me at the stake not too long ago

i will burn you to the fucking ground

Posted 9 months ago / 68 notes / Tagged: i'm still drunk, and i'm still mad, and triggered and dysphoric and mad at myself for wishing i looked like them, tw: dysphoria, tw: men are the fucking worst, i won't ever trust them,