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signal boost: this queer needs a room in philadelphia

does anyone have an extra room available or need an awesome queer roomie in philadelphia

i’m a mad chill 21 year old queerio who is looking for housing in philly until next summer (possibly longer - my schedule next year is flexible and movable if it needs to be) and trying to move in asap

perks i will bring to the table:

  • reliable and responsible and down to be a shoulder to cry on / emotional eating buddy / late night tv watcher / self care outfit assemblage aide
  • 420 friendly (as in i’m totally down with you smoking but usually don’t myself), i do drink but not copious amounts because my kidneys are :( :( my idea of a good night is watching paris is burning with my favorite people and drinking shitty wine and then maybe taking pictures of ourselves in glittery costumes
  • i love baking and bake constantly and if you like cupcakes of every variety and experimenting with cupcake flavors you have come to the right roommate
  • i have every season of the x-files on dvd
  • i am down with pretty much everything you could possibly be and feel and do with the exception of douchebaggery

looking for safe roommates who are down with a masculine-presenting dyke with girlfriend visitations who sometimes has anxiety and PTSD-related shit (which at the most will be me maybe not coming out of my room for a while, but that’ll be the most it impacts anyone). it’s really important to me that i’m in a safe environment because environment is everything to me and my health and i’ll do best in a place where i know everyone is cool with everything

if you want to get to know me better / check out my life story and views on this and that, my tumblr is a good place to start. you can also email me at if you think that i might be a good fit for you :) signal boost me if you’re not available but might know someone or be followed by someone who could help! queers gotta stick together ;)