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˜”°º× unpopular queer opinion time ׺°”˜

is anyone else over chick-fil-a? because i’m over chick-fil-a. if you don’t think that the heteronormative media is telling us what to be upset about, shit like oreos and chick-fil-a and gay fucking marriage, then you are not paying attention. a queer woman had the word “dyke” carved into her skin after her house was set on fire. why are we not starting campaigns over that? transfolk are getting murdered, queers are homeless and without healthcare or the means to find work, and we’re upset because of what some straight rich man has to say about gay fucking marriage, something that affects the highest fucking denominator. why aren’t we paying attention to the ways in which our society shuts out queerness right and left using capitalism and heteroppression instead of crying a fucking river over a chicken sandwich?